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Engage your users with an online community

Empower peer-to-peer discussions and connect your product experts and brand advocates.


Easy to participate

Customers can ask questions, exchange ideas and engage in discussions. Upvoting sparks engagement and increases the visibility of popular contributions.

Customers engaging in discussions

Rich tools for self-expression

Share images, videos and file attachments. Add rich text formatting including headings, text colors, inline images and links. Exchanging technical information? Code snippets are formatted beautifully with syntax highlighting.

Customer sharing an image
Feature Content

Highlight contributions

Pin important topics to the top for all visitors to see, such as announcements or excellent community posts. Feature the best answers to a question and highlight staff replies with custom labels.

Featuring the best answer

Member profiles

Personal profiles allow members get to know each other and foster community building. Members customize their profile with their photo, bio, location and links. Assign member badge labels to recognize your top contributors, expert users and company employees.

Member profile
Access Controls

Private categories

Create private areas in your community for specific clients or special interest groups. Control access by users, groups, or email domain.

Private forums for employees, partners, and clients

Events calendars

Create a calendar of events for your upcoming meetings, conferences, webinars or other types of gatherings. Add locations with Google Maps integration. Members can RSVP and see who is planning to attend.

Events calendar

Features for Engagement

  • @mentions

    Mention someone to acknowledge them or invite them into a conversation.

  • Quoting

    Highlight a phrase to create a quote and respond directly to a specific part of a post.

  • Nested replies

    Reply directly to someone and your response will be indented under their post.

  • Live updates

    Get on-screen notifications of new replies you've missed while you were away.

  • Notifications

    Follow categories, topics, and people to get notified by email of new activity.

  • Private messaging

    Members can chat online and send direct messages.

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