Community Q&A

Harness the wisdom of your customers and employees

Peer-to-peer Q&A accelerates purchase decisions, improves customer satisfaction, and reduces support costs.


Ask questions and crowdsource answers

Ask questions, get answers, and identify experts.

Users can share their knowledge and participate. Feature the best answers from the community and highlight official responses from your team.

Crowdsourced questions and answers
Instant Search

Find answers quickly

The collective knowledge of your staff and expert users is at the fingertips of your users. Whether it is an answered question, announcement or a help article, your users can find it in your community.

Instant search returning answers
Topic Areas

Organize by category and tag

Categories keep questions organized by subject area, product, or department. Tagging makes similar questions discoverable. Browse and follow categories and tags to learn more and stay informed.

Organize by category and tag
Crowdsourced Solutions

Build a knowledge base

Community Q&A can identify gaps in your documentation. Easily convert solved questions to articles in your knowledge base.

Convert solved questions to articles

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