Choose the right plan for you

Whether you're at a Fortune 500 company, small business or non-profit, Forumbee can help you create a valuable online community resource for your customers

    1. Premium

    2. 250
    3. per month
    1. 5 admin users
    2. 5,000 members
    3. 300K monthly views
    4. All standard features
    5. Email support
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    1. Enterprise

    2. 750
    3. per month
    1. 20 admin users
    2. 20,000 members
    3. 1M monthly views
    4. All standard features
    5. SAML SSO & Okta
    6. Dedicated success manager
      with annual subscription
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    1. Custom Plan

    2. Build Your Own
    3. for Enterprise customers
    1. Additional admin users, members and page views
    2. Multiple communities
    3. Account customizations
    4. Implementation services and training
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Get more out of Forumbee with Add-ons

  1. Additional Members

    Have a growing community? Purchase additional members to increase your member limit.

    5K members $100/month

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  2. Additional Admin Users

    Admin users have the ability to manage the community, including controlling user access and managing posts. (Admin users include site moderators and category moderators.)

    5 admin users $50/month

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  3. Assisted Account Setup Package

    Guided assistance in account setup from community planning through launch. Includes 1 hour team training and post-launch community health check.

    *Included with the Enterprise plan


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  4. Custom Theme Package

    Elevate your community brand and engage your audience with a professionally designed theme. Our Professional Services team designs and implements a custom theme to match your brand and create a seamless experience for your customers.

    From $3,500

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  5. Personalized Training

    Live one-hour webinar training session for your staff.


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  6. Professional Services

    From experience design to customization and seamless implementation, we work with you to ensure your community thrives. Contact us to request a personalized quote.


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Forumbee Standard Features

  • Discussion Forums

    Engage in conversations, exchange best practices, and share images, videos and documents.

  • Community Q&A

    Members ask questions and share their knowledge with others.

  • Knowledge Base

    Publish help articles and content. Add videos and files.

  • Ideation

    Collect feedback, discover popular ideas, prioritize and take action.

  • Reports and analytics

    Real-time community activity and engagement reports.

  • Moderation controls

    Full control over user content and registrations with powerful tools and automation.

  • Events calendars

    Create events calendars and get member RSVPs.

  • Private access areas

    Create private categories and control user access by group and email domain.

  • Integrations

    Connect to Slack, Google Analytics, Front, Zendesk and other tools.

  • Member profiles

    Grant member badge labels to top contributors. Tailor profiles with unique fields.

  • Private messaging

    Live one-to-one private messaging between members.

  • Email Notifications

    Follow topics, categories, and people to receive updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an admin user?

    An admin user has the ability to manage the community, including adding and removing posts and users. Admin users include site moderators and category moderators.

  • What is a member?

    A member is a user who has signed up or been invited by you. Users must be a member before they can participate in your community, including adding a post, replying, liking or following.

  • Do you have a free trial?

    Yes we do. The trial is designed to give you the chance to evaluate if our product is a good fit for you. You can subscribe at any time during the trial, and after 30 days the trial will expire.

  • Is there an annual plan?

    Yes, you can subscribe monthly or annually. Contact us if you would like to set your account to the annual plan.

  • Can I pay by invoice?

    Yes, with the annual plan you have the option to pay by invoice. Contact us to set your billing preference.

  • Are services available on the Premium plan?

    Yes, Service Add-On packages are available for purchase on both the Premium and Enterprise plans. Contact us to get started.