Knowledge Base

Help customers help themselves

Create a knowledge base to provide self-help support available around the clock. Reduce support load, empower and retain customers.

Mobile Responsive

Access from anywhere

Designed to work on any device, customers can get answers and participate on the go.

Accessing on mobile and desktop devices
Friendly editor

Create articles with ease

Anyone can create content with the article editor. Add headings, table of contents, lists, colors, code formatting and emojis.

Article editor
Flexible Structure

Organize your way

Organize articles into sections and categories. Create a hierarchical structure with as many sub-sections as needed. Add tags to articles to group similar content. Post an article into multiple categories to make it easy to find.

Organizing articles into sections
Team Roles

Work together

Invite your team to contribute. Control their level of access and categories they are allowed to create and edit articles.

Team admins and moderators
Private Articles

Control who sees your help content

Create private areas for internal teams and specific clients. With access controls, you can keep your help content out of sight from visitors and competitors. Grant access to users, groups or by company domain.

Private articles
Customer Feedback

Get actionable article feedback

Customers can reply to articles with follow-up questions or clarifications. Use this feedback to continually improve your content.

Customer replying to an article

Stay informed of updates

Users can follow categories, tags, and articles to be notified by email when new articles are added or updates are made. Use Slack notifications to keep your staff up to date.

Get updates of new activity by email or Slack

Branded and beautiful

Customize the look and feel of your knowledge base with custom CSS. Or purchase a custom theme package built specifically for you by our professional services team.

Custom theme includes logo, fonts, and colors

Marketing & SEO

  • Search engine optimized

    Help customers find your knowledge base using search engines. Forumbee supports SEO best practices like canonical URLs, Open Graph tags, and customizable meta tags.

  • Generated sitemap.xml

    Your sitemap.xml is automatically generated with all of your public content. Add your community to your Google Search Console to measure search traffic and performance.

  • Social media integration

    Social media share buttons appear on all of your public content. Users can share articles and posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Content Creation

  • Flexible Structure

    Organize articles into categories, tags and sections. Create as many nested sub-sections as needed.

  • Post in multiple categories

    Simply select the categories where you want to show the article, and you only need to maintain a single version.

  • Rich media

    Drag and drop to add images, embedded videos and file attachments to your articles.

  • Table of Contents

    Automatically generate a clickable table of contents from article headings.

  • Drafts and Scheduled Posts

    Save as a draft until you are ready to publish. Have an upcoming product release? Schedule articles to be published on a future date.

  • Team Roles

    Assign role-based access to staff. Users can be assigned to manage specific categories or the whole knowledge base.

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