Support Community Solution

Scale With Smart Self Service

Reduce support load and empower customers with a self‑help community. Customers get the answers they need with a knowledge base, Q&A and discussions in a single hub.

Knowledge Base

Help your customers help themselves

With a Knowledge Base, customers get answers they need 24x7. Designed to work on any device, users can access your content on the go. Customers can follow their areas of interest to be notified when you make announcements or add new articles.

Knowledge base with multiple sections

Give your customers a voice to share their ideas

With Ideation, gather feedback and ideas from customers for product improvements. Discover the most popular ideas, and keep users invested throughout the whole process.

Ideas shared by customers, sorted by most votes
Community Q&A

Harness the wisdom of your customers

With peer-to-peer Q&A, customers can ask questions and share their knowledge. Feature the best answers from the community and highlight official responses from your team.

Questions asked by customers with the best answers featured
Discussion Forums

Empower your product experts and brand advocates

With Discussion Forums, customers can participate in peer-to-peer conversations and share best practices. Upvoting sparks engagement and increases the visibility of popular contributions.

Customers engaged in a discussion. Each post shows the count of likes received.

Support Community Case Studies

See how others are using Forumbee to power their successful support communities.

  • Front

    The Front Help Center uses Forumbee features including knowledge base, glossary, events calendar, tags, commenting, Front integration, and a custom theme.

    Front Help Center
  • Sevenhugs

    Sevenhug's support community uses Forumbee features including ideation, discussions, knowledge base, announcements, and a custom theme.

  • Wag

    The Wag Help Center uses Forumbee features including a knowledge base, public and private articles, and a custom theme. Customers access the Help Center from within Wag's mobile app.

    Wag Help Center
  • OpenLearning

    OpenLearning's Help Community uses Forumbee features including a knowledge base, ideation, customer Q&A, issue reporting, announcements, and a custom theme.

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