Membership Community Software

Communities for Membership Organizations

Gather your members and volunteers around your cause and increase your positive impact. Facilitate discussions, exchange ideas, and share organizational news.


Share knowledge and best practices

Members participate in peer-to-peer conversations, get answers to questions, and share best practices.

Keep your constituents informed by posting news and blogs. Share documents, file attachments, images and embedded videos.

Upvoting increases the visibility of popular contributions and sparks engagement.

Access controls

Private groups

Create private groups in your community for special projects, initiatives, board member discussions, or specific member types. Control access by users, security groups, or email domain.

Private groups for staff, board members, regional leaders, and volunteers.

Events calendars

Create a calendar of events for your upcoming meetings, conferences, and volunteer events. Sub-groups can have their own dedicated calendars. Add locations with Google Maps integration. Members can RSVP and see who is planning to attend.

Events calendar shows upcoming an volunteer conference, a leaders meetup and a tech skills training session.

Member directory and profiles

Personalized profiles allow members get to know each other and foster community building. Members customize their profile with their photo, bio, location and other fields that you define. Members can find others with similar interests or specialities in the member directory.

A volunteer profile and a group leader profile showing their areas of expertise and location.

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