Community Management

Manage your community with ease

Intuitive interface makes it easy to manage conversations and members. Keep users engaged with automatic welcome emails, special label badges and featured posts. Track community health with enagement analytics.

Community manager welcoming members
Intuitive Interface

Powerful tools put you in control

Manage and engage with your community on the go. Access the full suite of moderation and admin tools from your desktop or mobile device.

Dashboard for community managers
Member Engagement

Increase member participation with engaging features

Boost member engagement with automated welcome messages to orient new members. Highlight your expert users and top contributors with custom label badges. Feature or pin announcements and best member contributions.

Members with custom label badges

Save time with automated content moderation

Spend less time reviewing content with automatic spam detection, profanity filters, banned word lists, and member-driven moderation queues.

Moderation automation with member flagged posts and posts in the queue for review

User Management

Whether your community is private or public, powerful settings make it easy add and manage user access.

  • Integrated sign-on

    Provide seamless login to the community from your application using the Single Sign-On API.

  • Personalized invitations

    Send personalized invitations to your list. Invites include a magic link with quick one‑click access to join.

  • Private categories

    Create private areas in your community for specific clients or special interest groups. Control access by users, groups, or domain.

  • Smart Domain Groups

    With Smart Groups, automatically give access to your employees or clients by email domain.

  • Requesting access

    Allow members to request access to your private community. Qualify requests by collecting custom profile data during sign up.

  • Require company email address

    Have a B2B community? Require members to sign up with their business email address and automatically reject free email providers.

Content Moderation

  • Discussion controls

    You have full control over community posts. Edit or remove posts, close replies, split threads and move discussions.

  • Highlight contributions

    Feature the best member contributions by pinning and highlighting with custom labels such as "Best answer" or "Featured post."

  • Remove user posts

    One-click removal of all posts by a user makes it easy to eliminate content that doesn't meet community guidlines.

  • Spam filter with machine learning

    Suspected spam is automatically removed for your review. The filter improves over time by learning from posts you mark as spam.

  • Member-driven moderation

    Members can flag posts for moderator review. Moderators are notified and can review and remove posts in their queue.

  • Content-triggered moderation

    Automatically send posts to moderation that contain profanity or sensitive words. Include custom phrases to trigger moderation.

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