Pricing & Plans

Free trial on all plans, no credit card required


  • Public or private community
  • 100 members
  • 5 categories
  • 2 moderators
  • All core features



  • Public or private community
  • 500 members
  • 25 categories
  • 5 moderators
  • All core features



  • Public or private community
  • 10000 members
  • 100 categories
  • 20 moderators
  • Single Sign On API
  • Enterprise pack


Pro and Premium accounts include up to 50,000 page views per month. Enterprise accounts include up to 300,000 page views per month. For additional page views, please contact us.

Features included in all plans

Forums & Knowledgebase
Discussion forums
Members engage in conversations and collaborate. Postings can include photos, videos and file attachments.
Q&A forums
Reduce support costs by providing a Q&A category where customers ask questions and share answers. Feature the best answers from the community.
Feedback and idea forums
Members share ideas and vote for ideas they like. Moderators can provide official responses and update with progress on selected ideas.
Knowledgebase and articles
Publish help articles, video tutorials, FAQs, and announcements. Organize into categories. Add images, video, and file attachments.
Events calendars
Post events and see a calendar of upcoming events. Members can RSVP. Includes Google Maps integration.
Instant search
Full text search engine with instant results allows users to quickly find answers to questions and relevant content.
Images and video
Add images to topics and replies. Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia.
File attachments
Attach files of any type to topics and replies, including PDF, Word, XLS and PPT.
WYSIWYG text editor
Rich text editor provides ability to format text, quote replies, add links and place images.
Syntax highlighter
Adds syntax highlighting to source code posted in your category.
Private Community
Private community
Create a completely secure, private community. Invite people by email or give access to your whole company by email domain.
Email invitations
Send an email to your list with an invitation to join the community.
Grant access by email domain
Provides access to employees or clients by specific email domains, such as
Social sharing
Share postings on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
Topic voting
Members vote for topics they like and the most popular topics rise to the top.
Topic follow
Members follow topics to get notified by email when new replies are added.
Forum follow
Members follow forums to get notified by email when new topics are added.
People follow
Members follow other members to get notified by email when they contribute to the community.
Recent activity feed
Shows latest postings across all forums in the community. Members can view their own personal feed of activity for items and people they are following.
SEO enabled pages
All pages are optimized for search engines, RSS readers, and social networks.
Full moderation controls
Dedicated moderator area with complete control over content. Monitor the stream of activity. Edit or remove postings at any time. Powerful search and filtering controls.
User management
Track users as they join and view their activity. See the most recent visitors and top participants. Add moderators and administrators to help manage your community.
Ban/suspend users
Remove users from the community so they can no longer log in or participate. Choose to keep their postings visible or completely remove all traces of their activity. Removals can be restored at a later time if needed.
Custom user titles
Assign custom titles to your users such as “Official Representative” or “Employee” to convey their status to the community.
Pin topics and comments
Pin topics to anchor them at the top of the category. Pin comments to anchor them to the top of a topic.
Featured responses
Feature official company responses or the best community answers with a special badge.
Topics without replies report
Get an instant report of discussions that have no replies. See where your participation is needed and encourage activity.
Unanswered questions report
Get an instant report of open questions. For support communities, ensure all questions have been answered.
Advanced search, sorting, and filtering
Search across the community or specific forums. See what is new or view by most likes, views, or replies. Quickly find topics without replies, questions that haven't been answered, or feedback that does not have a status.
Lock forums and topics
Locking keeps forums and topics visible but prevents new posts from being added.
Data export
Receive an export of your data (postings and members) by request.
Flagged postings
Members can flag postings for review by moderators.
Branding & Customization
Your logo & branding
Brand your community by uploading your logo.
Design themes
Select from a palette of color themes to give your community a personalized look.
Custom CSS
Get under the hood and apply your own CSS styles to achieve a very customized design for your community.
Intro and side panel hotspots for inserting custom content in the community.
Use your own domain name
With domain aliasing you can use your own domain, such as
Reporting & Analytics
Get a visual overview of all key community activity with a map of recent visitors, activity charts, recent postings and more.
Recent visitor map
A global map showing locations of your recent visitors.
Activity trend charts
View trends of community page views and postings over time.
Topic status charts
Track how your company is responding to customer feedback with a visualization of topics by status.
Community analytics
Gain insight into member behavior and community health. View across global community or by individual category area.
Text analytics
Discover what people are talking about. Our natural language processing engine analyzes conversations across your community and derives common themes.
Google analytics
Connect your Google analytics account and gain insight into visitor flows, traffic sources, and popular keyword searches.
Full Mobile Device Support
Mobile community forums
Users have access to all community features with an experience tailored for smartphones and tablets. No need to download a separate app.
Mobile moderation
Moderators have access to all moderation features with an experience tailored for smartphones and tablets. No separate app required.
Mobile administration
All administration, settings, and account features are fully accessible from smartphones and tablets. Set up and launch your entire community from your smartphone!
Security & Access
Moderator & administrator roles
With roles, delegate the responsibility of community management to others, such as your employees or trusted members. Moderators can manage postings and users. Administrators have the added ability to configure community settings.
Facebook Connect
Users can seamlessly log in to the community with Facebook.
SSL-encrypted login
Built-in SSL encryption protects sensitive information including login, signup and account editing.
SSL-encrypted community pages
Enable SSL-encryption for all pages in the community.
RSS feeds
Members can subscribe to RSS feeds for community forums.
Activity email notifications
Members receive email notifications for new activity in topics, forums, or people they are following.
Moderator email notifications
Moderators receive an email digest of all activity across the community, including new postings, member joins, and flagged postings.
Email notification schedule
Users can choose how often they receive email notifications.
Custom reply-to email address
Customize the email address to receive replies.
User Profiles
User avatars
Members can upload their profile picture from their desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
Gravatar profile pictures are automatically used for members that have one.
Facebook avatar
Facebook profile pictures are automatically used for members who sign in with Facebook.
Post count
The number of posts made by a user is displayed on their profile.
Like count
The number of likes received by a user is displayed on their profile.
Follower count
The number of followers for a user is displayed on their profile.
User profile fields
User profiles include special fields: title, about me, location and web link.
Google Analytics
Moderated community support
Email support
Annual payment plan - 10% discount
Pay annually and receive a 10% discount.

Premium Features

Private categories
Categories can be private. Grant access to individual members, groups, or email domains.

Enterprise Pack

Premium features
Single sign-on (SSO API)
Integrate your community with your website or mobile application. Users seamlessly access your community without having to log in or sign up.
Staging community
A second community to use for development and testing.
SSL domain aliasing
With SSL domain aliasing you can use your own domain secured by your company SSL certificate.
Send from your email domain (SPF, DKIM)
Customize the email from address so that all community email is sent from your email domain.
Custom terms of service
A custom terms of service agreement in addition to the Forumbee TOS can be provided.
Pay by invoice
Option to be invoiced and pay by check.