Powerful community features

Everything you need to engage your audience

Engage your audience with your own branded social community forums. Collect feedback, spark discussions, and benefit from community-powered Q&A forums. With a simple interface and no software to install, you can have your community ready in minutes.
discussion forums
Discussion forums
Stimulate conversations and empower collaboration between your customers with discussion forums. You and your community members can start new topics or participate in ongoing discussions.
Q&A forums
Provide a place for your customers to help each other with a Q&A forum. Customers can post questions and help others by sharing their expertise. You and your employees can also participate, answering questions and featuring the best answers from the community. Members vote for questions they have too, and popular questions bubble to the top.
questions and answers forums
feedback forums
Feedback forums
Give your customers a voice to share their ideas and feedback on your products or services. Customers vote for their favorite ideas. See what is popular and prioritize, then give updates to the community on ideas you are implementing.
Knowledgebase and articles
Create a searchable knowledgebase with help and how-to articles. Make your content rich with images and videos. Keep your community up to date with your articles, announcements and blog entries.
knowledgebase and articles
private communities
Private communities
Need an employee-only community where you would like to keep things confidential? Have a product in private beta? Create a completely secure, private community. Send email invitations to people or give access to your whole company by email domain.
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Branding & Design

Let your brand shine through and customize the look of your community to match your website.
brand and design
Professionally designed themes
Get a modern, refreshing community design without writing a single line of code. Try on each of our professionally designed themes with a live preview. Select from a palette of colors to match your brand.
million bucks
logo and title
Add your logo
Add your logo or banner image, give your community a title, and customize the messaging throughout.
Customize your design
Need a completely customized design for your community? Our team will work with you to create a specialized design targeted to your needs. Know your way around CSS and want to do it your self? Get under the hood and apply your own styles.
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Intuitive Experience

Starting your own community is an enjoyable, rewarding experience. We make it easy every step of the way, with no software to install and no technical experience required.
quick and easy setup
Quick & easy setup
Sign up takes less than a minute and your forums will be up and running right away. We lead you step by step through making your community your own. Help and access to our support team is just a click away if you need additional assistance.
No software to install
We host your community in the cloud, so there is no software to install, configure and maintain. Improvements to the system are immediately available, no need to go through an update process.
no software to install
personable interface
No experience necessary
We don't assume you are an expert in community management. Our interface provides the guidance you need, without technical jargon you don't.
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Easily manage communities and user activity in a dedicated area designed for community managers and moderators.
stream of activity
Stream of activity
Monitor the stream of user activity in real-time as it is happening across your entire community. See new topics and comments as they are posted across all forums and quickly spot postings that require your attention.
Filtering and sorting
Look across the whole community or specific forums. See what is new or view postings by the most likes, views, or replies.
Quickly find topics without replies, questions that haven't been answered, or feedback that does not have a status.
filtering and sorting
Search across topics, replies, and users. Further narrow down your search results by category, status of a posting, or specific types such as questions, feedback, or discussions.
Highlight topics and comments
Pin important topics to the top of the category that you would like all visitors to see, such as important announcements or excellent community postings.
Feature the best comments or answers in a topic or label them as official response.
Pinned replies appear at the top of the comments.
highlight topics and comments
Get notified about new community activity, even when you are away from your desk. Choose to receive email notifications for different types of events, such as a new topic, flagged topics, or new members joining the community.
Full control over content
Moderators can edit or remove postings at any time and close discussions for comments.
Remove topics or comments that are duplicates, inappropriate, or spam. Access a full history of everything you have removed.
Accidentally removed a valid posting? Easily restore or edit anything you have previously deleted.
full control over content
member-driven moderation queues
Member-driven moderation queues
Members help ensure the quality of content in the forum. Members can flag anything as offensive or inappropriate, and this content appears in your Flagged queue for review. You can decide to make edits to the posting, or remove it completely from the community.
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Social Engagement

Vibrant engaged communities inspire loyal, passionate customers, drive traffic, reduce service costs, and accelerate innovation.
easy to participate
Easy to participate
Customers are more likely to engage when it's easy to participate. Sign up is quick with their Facebook account or email address. Members can ask questions, share feedback, start discussion topics, or leave comments. Members can vote on any posting to show support and to increase visibility of popular topics.
Rich tools for self-expression
Customers can share images, photos and videos. Postings can be formatted as rich text, with inline images and links. Exchanging technical information? Code snippets are formatted beautifully with syntax coloring and line numbers.
rich tools for self-expression
share on twitter and facebook
Share on Twitter and Facebook
Members can drive traffic to interesting content in your community by tweeting or sharing on Facebook.
Highlight great contributions
Showing you are listening goes a long way to creating happy customers. You and your employees can interact and collaborate with customers in threaded discussions. Let customers know you are listening by using status labels such as “In Progress” or “Completed” for their feedback. Highlight and feature exceptional customer postings.
make them feel special
Member profiles
Personal profiles help members get to know each other and foster community building. Members customize their profile with their avatar, bio, location and links. Profiles show the stream of member activity and stats for community response to their postings.
Email notifications
Members follow topics of interest and get alerts when something new is posted. Email notifications drive customers back to the community to the topics they care about. Members have complete control over how they'd like to be notified.
keep them coming back
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User Management

Set up your team of moderators. Manage members of the community. Monitor user activity and control access.
member activity
Member activity
Track new members as they join the community and view their activity.
Find out who has most recently visited the community. See who is most engaged and posting actively.
User profiles
View latest posts by a member and see their popularity stats.
user profiles
remove members
Remove members
Whether it's an employee who is leaving or an unwanted member in your community, you can remove their account. Choose to keep their postings visible or completely remove all traces of their activity.
If you change your mind later you can always undo, restore a user and all of their content.
Your team of moderators
Delegate the responsibility of community management to your team of moderators and administrators. They can be employees or trusted members within your community. Moderators may manage content, administrators have the added ability to configure community settings.
your team of moderators
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Mobile Forums

Your community is fully optimized for mobile devices. Members can interact wherever they are, no need to download an app.
all themes are mobile friendly
All themes are mobile friendly
All themes are fully optimized for mobile, with built-in support for iOS, Android, and mobile web browsers. Your brand shines through consistently across all devices.
Full-featured mobile experience
Mobile members can ask questions, submit feedback, comment, search, follow topics, vote, and more. Responsive design optimizes the experience for the device, from the smartphone, to the tablet, to the desktop.
full-featured mobile experience
retina-quality graphics
Retina-quality graphics
Your logo and all images in your community are delivered in high-resolution to Retina and HD screens, giving your users a brilliant, crisp visual experience.
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Mobile Moderation

Manage your community activity from anywhere. Access the full set of moderation tools on smart phones and tablets.
moderation tools
Moderation tools
Access the stream of activity, full search and filtering capability. Edit and remove postings, set status, pin, review flags, and more.
User management
Keep tabs on users as they join, view activity, and control their access.
Check community stats on the go. Share community activity in meetings or offsites.
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Reporting & Analytics

Visually track and measure community activity in real time. Discover top themes and gain insights from conversations.
community dashboard
Get a visual overview of all key community activity with a map of recent visitors, activity charts, recent postings and more.
Trend activity
View trends of community page views and postings over time. Zoom into the last 24 hours or expand your view to broader time frames.
trend activity
monitor feedback
Monitor feedback
Gauge overall volume of feedback. Track the number of ideas in each step of your workflow from initial review through completion.
Monitor Q&A
Track volume of questions. See how many members are participating. Monitor the number of unanswered questions and compare to the answered rate.
monitor q&a
discover conversation themes
Discover conversation themes
Gain insight into what people are talking about with text analysis. View popular words and phrases. Click through to view threads in the community.
Google Analytics integration
Connect your Google analytics account and gain insight into visitor flows, traffic sources, and popular keyword searches.
google analytics integration
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Security & Scalability

Rest soundly at night knowing that your data is secure and when your community goes viral, it will meet the demand.
SSL encryption
Built-in SSL encryption protects sensitive information including login, signup and account editing. Option to enable SSL-encryption for all pages in the community.
Hosted in the Cloud
We are hosted on industry-leading Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure, which has an annual uptime percentage of at least 99.95%. Our servers scale up as demand increases, ensuring your community will remain responsive during spikes of activity.
hosted in the cloud
private communities
Private communities
Create a completely secure, private community. Send invitations to those you'd like to participate or give access to your whole company by email domain.
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